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Target Cashback, Travel Miles and Points

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Target In Store Pickup?
If item is available in a local store, in store pickup is offered.
Target Terms

Free Gift Cards: Orders which receive a free gift card will have the Cash Back eligible amount of order reduced by the amount of the free gift card.


Cash Back is not available on grocery, household commodities and essentials, baby care items (diapers, wipes, food, and toiletries), pet supplies, electronics, toys, sporting goods, movies, video games and consoles, contract mobile phones, prepaid and gift cards, music, books, Target Pharmacy and OTC, Target Photo, Target Optical, Target Café, SweetJOJO, and orders deemed by Target to be for resale.

Target Special Offers

Free Shipping to you

Order of $35 or more receive free 2-day shipping

Target Restock (Same day delivery)

Target now offers Target Restock which will deliver your product to you the same day for a small fee.

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